Best Places To Hire Surfboards Online

Any beginner who is starting out at surfing needs to be aware that when it comes to the sport your board is like your right hand. The perfect board takes surfing from an almost impossible sport to a sport which is actually attainable and enjoyable. It is very much about using your centre of gravity and distributing your body weight evenly across your board so you can stand up and skim the waves. For this reason obtaining a board is your first and probably most important task when you are a beginner. Shops can be notoriously difficult to differentiate between equipment, especially if you have no expertise in the area, and they are generally the most expensive places to go for a board. The next best option is to search online because if you haven’t got the money and want to the cheapest option surf shops online are the best place to go. Here are a few of the best and cheapest ones around. You can try here and know the best places to hire surfboards online. is a great place to go if you are a beginner and have never surfed before. This shop dedicates part of its website to beginners called My First Surfboard Help which outlines the requirements for your first trip out on the waves and how you should calculate getting started step by step. For example surf shops in Byron Bay tells you how to calculate your beginner volume, your fitness volume and then how to use these calculations to buy the right board for you, along with constructions and board types. This shop is also accredited with professional manufacturers and other retailers so it has an array of accessories and boards for you to choose from as well as a reputable standing in the industry. 

Coolum Surfing School is a shop based in Victoria which specialises in boards for people who cannot afford to buy one and do not want to bring their board on holiday with them. Their prices are very competitive, made even more competitive by the fact that you can get them reduced through their special offers and vouchers. If you also want to go on holiday to learn how to surf then Coolum also offers a great range of lessons, which range from private lessons for one person to team bonding sessions and youth activities. There is no better way to bond or to socialise than with a team bonding session.

If these specialised surf shops online are not to your taste or are too expensive for you then there are always websites such as eBay and Amazon. EBay and Amazon have a wide variety of products which they sell and as a result the price is generally very competitive. However if you do decide to go with either of these online websites be wary that you can never be sure what you are buying, whereas online shops with good reputations can generally be trusted.