Take a holiday if not for your family for your health

Going on holiday is certainly fun and this is the only time when you with your busy lifestyle is going to be able to turn off your phone and just enjoy. No emergency meetings in to be had in the morning which leaves you feeling really angry going to bed. Instead as you go to en when you are on holiday tours, you only dream of the fish charter sail you are having with your friends the next day.

The importance of having a holiday

It has been said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is now time to add that all work and no play will not only make Jack a dull boy, it will certainly live Jack a very unhealthy boy. For five days a week, at least eight hours per day spent working, there is really no time to relax. This is even for those normal office employees who just have to come in every day from nine to five and do the jobs assigned them. It becomes worse for the senior managers who are at the heart of creating strategies and policies and implementing them. These are the real people who end up burnt.

Also work keeps people away from their families on a daily basis. Don’t forget the fact that many people commute to work and spend hours stuck in traffic every day. By the time they are home, the children are already in bed tucked in by the nanny. You will not want to become a stranger to your children all in the name of making money that is why taking time off to be with them during family holidays is very important.

But I don’t feel like taking a holiday.

Maybe you don’t, but your body does. Remember that work is not going anywhere but you can. If you fell down from stress and died or even became an invalid that office will not close for one day. It is going to be business as usual with one or two minutes of silence. 

Your body can be resistant but all the stress you subject it to over the years, in the name of work, slowly wear away this resistance and one day you get up and you feel like something suddenly changed in you. You are suddenly always tired and can’t seem to do those things that just yesterday you could do. 

The next time you feel like that fish charter trip your family asked you to join may wait, think of the following;

There will always be work and the work you think is very important is not as important as the person who does the work; that is you

Holidays are necessities not luxuries. You need to take time off your busy schedule and allow your body to recuperate.

Your family has been missing you and they will love to spend quality time with you

If you are not in that office, work will still continue.