Ways To Save Money When Booking A Hotel

As the tourism industry grows, the price of hotels are also soaring across the globe. No matter where you want to stay, whether it’s domestic or international, you are going to have to dish out a reasonable sum for a decent place to stay. It’s also important to know that there are no fixed prices when it comes to a room. The hospitality industry is riddled with mark-ups and varying prices, even for the same room and room category. Here are some ways you can get yourself a bargain when looking for a place to stay.

  • Speak to a travel agent

    While there seems to be a lot of buzz around travel agents dying with the spike in internet based travel services, other sources say that travel agents are growing in demand because travellers are now overwhelmed by their options. Another thing to keep in mind is the strong bond that travel agents maintain with the hotels they promote. By speaking to a travel agent for horse riding in Australia, you may be able to score a great deal for a hotel you are looking to stay at.

  • Special offers

    Depending on the season, hospitality companies offer a number of promotions for Snowy Mountains weddings http://snowywilderness.com.au/weddings_and_corporate.cfm?PageID=17. Interestingly, this is not just limited to off peak periods. Look out for offers by signing up for newsletters or use services like Google Alerts to be alerted of special offers for hotels in your region.

  • Peer to peer lodging

    In one word – AirBnB. Services like AirBnB are being launched for a number of niche markets across the globe. While many people dismiss the idea due to reasons such as safety, with the peer to peer based setup of these services, lodging with services like these are even more safe. Most of all the value for money on these services are dramatically higher compared to a typical hotel or resort.

  • Cancellation periods

    This is more of a tip to prevent waste of money rather than saving money. Be sure to read on cancellation periods of hotels. If you are paying in advance, make sure to read the fine print. Most hotels will not offer a refund if you cancel your booking close to the date of reservation. This will leave you paying for accommodation you did not use.

By following the above tips, you should be able to save a pretty penny. If it’s a domestic location, be sure to contact relatives or friends in the area and find out the hot spots that offer good value as well.